Metal pressing and assembly at ADM: meeting all of your production needs

Metal pressings and assembly at ADM Pressings

Looking to scale up your production? Our metal pressing and assembly solutions will help you take that next step…

Grow your business with confidence

We have the capacity and resources to ramp up our metal pressing and assembly processes. Because of this, we can respond to spikes in demand.

Simplify your metal pressing and assembly processes

We can manage all aspects of your production, from design to full product assembly.

Our skilled team of engineers and designers employ a variety of automated and manual assembly techniques. Consequently, we can streamline your processes to provide solutions meet your specific needs.

Cost efficient working

Working with contract metal pressing and assembly companies like ADM means your business does not have to cover the cost of setting up a production line of its own.

What’s more, by contracting out your assembly processes you are protected from fluctuations in production costs.

Improve your profit margins

The efficiency and speed of our metal pressing and assembly lines offer cost advantages, allowing more units to be produced at a lower cost.

You can then use this advantage in your pricing strategies and ultimately bring in more revenue.

Consistent quality

Our assembly lines are set up to guarantee product uniformity, with additional Quality Assurance steps to ensure each unit looks, feels, and functions the same.

As a result, there is less waste and fewer units with flaws, meaning you can have trust in the reliability of the product.

Expertise and experience

With over 70 years in the industry, we have the experience and expertise to deal with any problems that should arise.

By developing positive relationships with our clients, we ensure that any issues are quickly resolved and any remedial work implemented without any impact on schedules or profit margins.

Benefit from upgrades

We are always investing in our processes to improve quality and efficiency: read about our new robotic MIG cell.

You can therefore be confident that your production is benefiting from the most state-of-the-art technologies and processes. 

Metal pressing and sub-assembly production

If you require custom sub-assembly systems, we have the production services and expertise to supply them.

Therefore, as a recognised specialist supplier of miniature sub-assemblies we offer flexible, high quality productions for niche applications and markets.

Additional services

In addition to our metal pressing and assembly services, we also provide:

  • Quality testing
  • Post paint assembly
  • Packaging
  • Delivery direct to the end-user

Your ‘one stop shop’ for metal pressing and assembly

Based in the North East, we are leading supplier of full tier 1 assembly and lower-level full assemblies to OEM and Tier One clients.

We manufacture full and sub-assemblies to the highest quality standards, therefore we can meet all of your production needs – from design to delivery,

Get in touch today to discuss what we can do for you.