ADM invest in latest tech with new robotic MIG cell

The new robotic ‘back to back’ MIG cell

ADM have invested in the latest robotic MIG cell technology to increase output, improve quality and create new opportunities.

With a capital investment of £328K, forward thinkers ADM have revealed a new robotic ‘back to back’ MIG cell, fitted with the latest Fronius welding technology.

The project will improve current manual process for heavy gauge components and will create new opportunities for ADM.

“This is a progressive step for us, the investment will significantly increase outputs and improve quality throughout our fabrication capability,” commented Nigel Hemming, Business Development Manager at ADM.

With features such as offline programming to minimise production interruption using CAD and robot studio software, Smart tac weld tracking system and production manager functionality, ADM have worked closely with suppliers to ensure the solution performs to the highest level.