Turnkey Engineering Solutions

Our turnkey engineering capabilities provide the solution for clients who need a complete project.

With over 70 years’ experience of manufacturing added-value products for OEM and tier-one clients, ADM Pressings has the skills and technology to deliver projects - from design to delivery.

Turnkey engineering project management

From conception to production, we offer full engineering support and project management to deliver complete turnkey engineering solutions.

Our team of experienced and reliable engineers, supported by skilled technicians, work closely with clients during the concept design stage to fully understand their project requirements and desired outcomes.

We provide expertise and guidance on material selection through to assembly conditions, fixing alternatives, surface protection options, packaging and logistics feasibility.

As a result, ADM delivers bespoke, precision-engineered turnkey equipment and solutions on time, on budget and to the highest possible standards.

Turnkey Engineering Project Management at ADM Pressings

Tool development

Working closely with partners across tool making industry, we can meet tooling requirements for any manufacturing or production process, including cutting tools, jigs, fixtures, gauges, dies and moulds.

Our strong relationship with the tool makers ensures that the products are not only industry standard but are also at the cutting edge of engineering technology.

At our state of the art site in Newcastle, we also have the in-house capability to manufacture world-class jigs and fixtures to any specification.

Tool development at ADM Pressings

Fixture, stillage & jig manufacture

ADM can manufacture jigs to order or as part of a new project introduction. Alternatively, we can produce them as a complete turnkey engineering solution.

Our integral jig, fixture and design capability makes us an excellent developmental partner with years of off-highway and automotive development experience, and we have a long history of designing and developing production jigs for speed and ease of production with world-class quality.

Fixture Stillage and Jig Manufacture at ADM Pressings