Metal lasers

Our metal lasers offer precise and accurate cutting to the highest standards.

Operated by ADM's skilled engineers, our metal lasers make fabricating components with intricate details easier, providing added-value products to meet specific requirements.

5 Axis metal lasers

The very latest in cutting-edge industrial metal laser technology, our 5 axis metal lasers are designed for high speed and manoeuvrability.

Ideally suited to laser cutting and laser welding high strength, heat resistant metals, our 5 axis lasers specialise in prototype and production cutting.

5 axis metal lasers at ADM Pressings

2D metal lasers

Operated using computer numerical controlled (CNC) machines, our 2D metal lasers can cut a variety of materials and thicknesses.

Both highly flexible and versatile, our 2D metal lasers can achieve any shape required, with completely repeatable results and distortion-free finishes.

2D metal lasers at ADM Pressings