Welcome to the online site induction for ADM Pressings

Please read and ensure all of the information is understood.

Completing this induction online helps us to ensure your vist to ADM is more effective.

If you are a visitor but not a contractor and only need to complete the visitor induction please click the button below.

Reception & Sign-in

Please ensure you sign in when you arrive and sign out when you leave.

You will be asked to sign at reception to confirm you have completed this induction.

Please be aware that the main reception is closed and locked at 16:00 Mon to Thurs and 12:30 on Friday

Any visiting or working outside of these hours will need to be arranged in advance.


We have a very limited number of visitor parking slots available outside reception

If you are unable to get a visitor parking slot, do not use one of the reserved spaces.

Park close to reception and ask at reception for advice on the best place to park.

Emergency exits


If you discover a fire raise the alarm by breaking the glass on the red call points.

When the alarm sound make your way to the nearest fire exit and then the assembly point.

Fire alarm tests for our site are at 11am on Friday.

Fire Prevention

Ensure all flammable products are kept well away from sources of ignition.

Ensure good housekeeping & never block fire exits.

Ensure ADM are notified of any hazardous substances or articles you bring on site.

Fire extinguishers are located throughout ADM.

Only trained operatives to use extinguishers.


We are required to make you aware that our site is covered by 24hr CCTV surveillance

Drugs, Alcohol & Smoking

ADM Operates a strict no Drugs and Alcohol Policy.

No Smoking or Vaping is allowed on site apart from in designated areas outside.

Please see our Smoking Policy.

Environment & Waste Management

Please help us help the environment by ensuring that all waste is place in the correct skips.

This helps us to recycle and manage our waste.

If you will be dealing with any Hazardous Waste please contact us to arrange correct provision for the disposal of this waste.

All waste is dealt with in line with our Environmental and Health and Safety Policy.

Shop floor

Please follow all reasonable instructions from your site contact.

Mandatory PPE for the floor includes Eye and Ear protection and Steel Toe Capped Safety Footwear.

Given areas have additional requirements please note any signs or direction from your contact.

Contractors are expected to come with their own PPE.

Do not pass an Unauthorised Access sign without explicit permission.

You must observe all Safety Signs and Site Rules.

Main hazards at ADM

High volumes of forklift movements.

Overhead crane movement.


Slip, trips and falls.


Everyone at ADM has the right to stop the job if it is unsafe.

First aid

Should you require any first aid, your site contact will arrange treatment.

Please ensure a first aid report form is filled in no matter how small the incident/injury.

Filling in the first aid report must be done the same day as the incident as soon as reasonably possible.

Please inform us before arrival of any medical problems or requirements you may have.


Prior to arrival at ADM you need to provide:

- A suitable and sufficient risk assessment
- A method statement
- Valid insurance documentation

A permit to work may be required which will be issued on site.

You must be able to present proof of any certifications required upon request.

Higher risk activities

Activities with increased levels of risk may be subject to Permit to Work and/or Lock Off - Tag Off Procedures

Such activities might be:

- Working at height
- Electrical works
- Hot works
- Equipment maintenance
- Confined space
- Lone working

Should your risk assessment or method statement identify a higher risk level or any such process as a requirement please ensure this is fully communicated with your contact and is prepared.

For a permit or lock-off to be granted please contact the Maintenance Department

Improving ADM

We encourage all of our visitors to point out potential for improvement in any of our business areas.

If you see something that could be done better or safer; please inform your site contact who will ensure the relevant people take up the initiative.


Snacks and drinks are available from the vending machines in the canteen area, and a food van visits at 12:15 everyday.

Toilet facilities are located in the hall between the main office and the canteen.


Please be aware that if safety and environmental practice is not maintained you will be asked to leave site.

Upon arrival you will be asked to sign our Contractor Code of Practice.

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