Why a turnkey engineering solution from ADM ticks all the boxes

Turnkey engineering solutions from ADM Pressings

Need a turnkey engineering solution? ADM has the skills and capabilities to deliver complete projects of the highest quality. Read on to find out more…

When is a turnkey engineering solution right for you?

If you need a product that is complete and ready to use immediately then a turnkey solution is the answer.

A turnkey project is designed, developed and built by one company under a contract. Once it is completed, the client can operate it straight away.

The company responsible for building a turnkey project does it for the cost as agreed in the contract.

The work of the company can include design, fabrication and installation, aswell as aftermarket and technical support.

Turnkey engineering solutions from ADM

ADM offers OEM and tier-one clients full project management and engineering support for turnkey projects.

Our team of experienced and reliable engineers, supported by skilled technicians, work closely with clients during the concept design stage to fully understand their project requirements and desired outcomes.

We provide expertise and guidance on material selection through to assembly conditions, fixing alternatives, surface protection options, packaging and logistics feasibility.

Why you should choose a turnkey engineering solution from ADM

Consistent quality:

From the beginning, ADM sets quality standards to ensure consistency across design, fabrication, and construction teams.

Reduced change management challenges:

With all teams involved in the project working closely together, we avoid issues that could lead to cost and production time overruns. As a result, ADM delivers turnkey solutions on budget and to the highest possible standards.

Price certainty:

The cost of the project is agreed in the contract, so you can have confidence that you won’t be landed with any unexpected cost overruns.

Access to expert knowledge and technical know-how:

A turnkey engineering solution gives you the chance to hire experts in a particular field. ADM has been delivering engineering and manufacturing solutions for over 70 years, so your project is in safe hands!

Industry standard:

ADM has strong relationships with tool manufacturers and other experts within the engineering and manufacturing industries. This not only ensures our products are industry standard, it keeps us at the cutting edge of engineering technology.

Capability and experience:

With our years of off-highway and automotive development experience, not to mention our integral jig, fixture and design capability, we are renowned for our speed and efficiency for designing and developing word-class production jigs.

Condensed project timelines:

With ADM managing both design and construction, multiple stages of the turnkey project can overlap. As a result, procurement of materials and subcontractors can occur as designs are being finalized, reducing any impact on project timelines.

Freeing up time and resources to help your business grow:

With ADM managing the design, development and production of your turnkey engineering solution, your can focus on other projects and challenges to help your business grow.

ADM Pressings has the skills and technology to deliver turnkey engineering solution – from design to delivery. To find out more, get in touch today.