Metal pressing & assembly: 10 ways ADM can give your production lines a boost

Metal pressing and product assembly: ADM

Outsourcing your metal pressing and assembly requirements may seem like a daunting prospect. However, in a fast-paced, highly competitive global marketplace, outsourcing product assembly to a company like ADM could be just the thing to set you apart from the rest. Here’s how…

1. A cost-effective approach to production

Set up and day-to-day operation of in-house manufacturing facilities is very expensive, so working with an experienced metal pressing contractor like ADM is a more cost-efficient way of getting results.

Without so much money and resource spent on product assembly, you are able to invest elsewhere in your business.

2. Dedicated metal pressing & product assembly expertise

By using contract product assembly services, you are working with experts in their field.

Here at ADM we have an amazing team of over 300 trained experience staff, from project managers to robotic welding operators.

As result, you can be sure that every person working on your product is at the top of their profession.

What’s more, relying on our expertise means that you do not need such a diverse and skilled team in-house, saving you the cost of staff recruitment, retention and reward.

3. Investing in technology so you don’t have to

At ADM we pride ourselves on being at the cutting edge of technology. Whether it is our state-of-the-art metal presses or our latest robotic MIG cell, we are always investing in new technology so we can provide a range of value-added solutions to our clients.

Outsourcing your assembly production means you can take advantage of this technology without having to invest in such upgrades yourself.

You get the best of both worlds: access to advanced technology with none of the prohibitive costs.

4. Quality guaranteed

One of the many benefits of utilising the expertise and technology of a metal pressing and assembly contractor is the superior quality of products.

ADM Pressings works in accordance with national and international standards and is fully accredited to internationally-recognised standards, including:

  • ISO9001 for quality management.
  • ISO14001 for environmental management.
  • International Automotive Task Force standard IATF16949 for automotive manufacturing standards.

Products that meet these standards can find themselves at an advantage in a global marketplace that expects adherence to these standards.

5. Faster product turnaround

Need to get your product to market quickly? Metal pressing and assembly specialists like ADM have the resources and stock to ensure you hold your own in a fast-moving competitive marketplace.

By outsourcing you know that the supply chain is being handled by the experts and you can have confidence in every part that goes into your product.

6. Greater metal pressing & assembly capacity

Working with an assembly provider is a cost-efficient way of managing any fluctuation in the market.

Contract metal pressing and assembly companies like ADM have the capacity and resources handle spikes in demand so whatever the size and frequency of your orders, you can be sure you will receive what you need when you need it.

7. Embracing change

As your project continues, it may change in terms of size and scope, requiring manufacturing activity to adapt to these changes quickly and efficiently.

Whereas an in-house manufacturing facility will likely be focused on meeting very specific demands, a contract metal pressings manufacturer will have a greater range of skills, resources and contacts to meet these needs.

For example, in addition to metal pressing and assembly, ADM provides quality testing, post paint assembly, packaging and delivery to the end user.

Having these additional services available means that you can embrace exciting developments with confidence.  

8. Placing your product in safe hands

In outsourcing your product and assembly, you know that there will be the experience and expertise to address and resolve any problems that should arise.

With over 70 years in the metal pressing industry, ADM has established itself as a leading supplier of OEM and Tier One clients.

We do this by developing positive relationships with our clients, ensuring that any issues are quickly dealt with and any remedial work is implemented without any impact on schedules or profit margins.

9. Delegate to innovate

When you outsource production, you are safe in the knowledge that your product is being manufactured and assembled to a consistently high standard.

This confidence will allow you to spend the money you have saved on developing your business, whether that is innovating your existing product or diversifying with new ones.

10. Simplify your metal pressing production lines & processes

Using a variety of automated and manual assembly techniques, ADM manage all aspects of the metal pressing and assembly process, from design, through to full product assembly.

A full tier 1 assembly and lower-level full assembly supplier, we can meet all of your production needs, allowing you to keep pace with technology, meet consumer expectations and protect profit margins.

What are you waiting for?!

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